The French Climate Case: “The Case of the Century” – 24/10/2020

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Intervention en anglais de Clémentine Baldon lors d’une conférence organisée par Duke University sur le thème "Multilevel Climate Litigation in Europe", 24 octobre 2020

In this interview, Clémentine Baldon explains what is “The Case of the Century”, a climate lawsuit brought against the French government. She reminds the large public mobilization campaign that was launched alongside the lawsuit, and details, with Hugo Partouche, their litigation strategy aimed at forcing the government to implement the ambitious climate objectives it has set for itself.

She also explains the judgement of the Paris Administrative Court released in February 2021, in which the Court stated that the French state is liable for failing to fully meet its goals in reducing greenhouse gases and ordered further investigations to determine what measures it may order the French government to take to remedy the environmental damage caused – and prevent further damage.

To watch the conference: The French Climate Case: “The Case of the Century” 


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